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64-Nights The Great South American Journey: Quito to Rio Adventure - 18-to-Thirtysomethings

The Great South American Journey: Quito to Rio Adventure
Sometimes the slow road is the way to go. Hit the road from Quito to Rio with other young travellers and experience pretty much everything you can imagine in between. Hike the Inca Trail and discover the thriving Inca culture, cross the Salt Flats of Bolivia, dance the tango in Buenos Aires, and hit the beach in Brazil. This trip offers up lively cities, stunning scenery, and tons of adventure. 65 days, seven countries, three nights in the Amazon, and one adventure you’ll remember forever.

Mingle with the locals of a small community in the Amazon, Go sandboarding at the dunes in Huacachina, spot condors at Colca Canyon, conquer the Inca Trail on the way to Machu Picchu, experience traditional life on Lake Titicaca, cross the the world's largest salt flat on a 4x4 excursion, Experience rural life at a working ranch in Uruguay, stand in awe at Iguassu Falls, Explore bustling Rio de Janeiro on your own time, See a tango show or take part in Buenos Aires' bustling nightlife.

Simple hotels (38 nts, twin-share), hostels (9 nts, multi-share), jungle homestay (2 nts), G Adventures-supported community lodge (1 nt), overnight buses (6 nts), camping (3 nts), homestay (1 nt), G Adventures-supported lodge/basic hotels on Salar de Uyuni excursion (2 nts, multi-share), estancia/ranch (2 nts, multi-share).

Group Leader
Chief Experience Officer (CEO), specialist Inca Trail CEO on hike, local guides.

Group Size Notes
Max 18, avg 14.

Meals Included
41 breakfasts, 11 lunches, 12 dinners

What's Included
Your G for Good Moment: Shandia Biking & Community Experience, Shandia Your G for Good Moment: Shandia Community Lodge, Shandia Your G for Good Moment: Ccaccaccollo Community and Women's Weaving Co-op visit, Ccaccaccollo Your G for Good Moment: Handmade Biodegradable Soap Products Your G for Good Moment: Jukil Community Experience & Lodge, Santiago de Agencha Your G for Good Moment: Favela Experience, Rio de Janeiro Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group Your First Night Out Moment: Connect With New Friends Your Local Living Moment: Amazon Jungle Experience, Tena Your Discover Moment: Baños Your Discover Moment: Lima Your Foodie Moment: Huacachina Winery Visit, Huacachina Your Discover Moment: Cusco Your Foodie Moment: Sacred Valley Brewery, Ollantaytambo Your Big Night Out Moment: Cusco Your Local Living Moment: Lake Titicaca Homestay, Lake Titicaca Your Discover Moment: Sucre Your Discover Moment: Salta Your Discover Moment: Buenos Aires Your Discover Moment: Paraty Your Discover Moment: Ilha Grande Your Discover Moment: Rio de Janeiro. Amazon Jungle excursion to a local community. Beach time in Mancora. Sunset sandboarding & dune buggies (Huacachina). Pachamanca-style dinner (Nazca). Colca Canyon excursion. Guided tour of Machu Picchu. Inca Trail hike with a local gui

64 nights from $6121 per person

Supplier: G Adventures

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Featured Destinations

Buenos Aires

Dynamic and bustling, a city which seems never to sleep, Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting cities in Latin America. Tango was born here, restaurants serve an all manner of world cuisine, bars play the latest music, cafés spill on to the streets and nightclubs allow dancing throughout the night. Cultural hub of a society which traces its roots to European immigration, it is famous throughout South America for its theatres, museums and galleries. Gucci, Armani, Prada, to name a few, line the boulevards catering for the fashion conscious porteños, their offerings as stylish as anything found in the cities in Europe or North America.


Lima, "the City of the Kings," became the effective capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru, established 1560. Today, a visit to Lima may serve as a unique Peruvian experience that offers a glimpse into the Andean world, Spanish tradition and the country's modern aspect. Visit handsome old buildings and baroque churches that testify to the city's religious background and the Plaza de Armas, shared by the realms of the Catholic church, municipality and national government. The pre-Inca ruins of Pachacamac lie a short distance south of the city. Once a ceremonial site, Pachacamac has been the most important religious center of the Andean world since before the age of Christ. Stop and admire The Temple of the Sun and the Moon, Lima's outstanding museums, and Machu Picchu - a "Jewel in the Mist."


Slightly threadbare and charmingly out of date, Montevideo harks back to pre-war days when it was the "Switzerland of South America." Art deco and art nouveau façades reflect this flourishing past, while the impressive Plaza Independencia, with its colonnades and open-air cafés, is a perfect place to savor the present.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians say that God made the rest of the world in six days, and devoted the seventh to Rio. The jagged Sugarloaf rises from dark blue Guanabara Bay, with legendary beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema in the foreground, forested mountains behind. This great city has an enticing atmosphere of samba and fun, and its locals are as joyous as they are beautiful.


Uruguay may be pint-sized, but it's certainly big-hearted when it comes to attractions. It contains one of South America's most interesting capitals, charming colonial towns, the hilly interior (true gaucho country) and a cluster of internationally renowned beach resorts.


Quito is a fantastic place to visit and the best place to start your Latin American journey. Quito is also the entertainment center in Ecuador with new bars and discos opening every week and also the best place to shop, either at the small souvenir shops or at big malls. Quito has many interesting cultural sites, historical sites, museums, private galleries, churches, exhibition centers, and theaters.

Iguazu Falls (Iguacu Falls)

Iguazu Falls are greatest waterfalls in the world in their spectacular panorama, situated on the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay in South America. The falls consist of 275 cascades spread nearly 2 miles including the famous 'Devil's Throat'. The biggest and most brilliant rainbow in the world around Iguazu falls provides fantastic experience. Also, the nature of 'The Iguassu Natural Park', listed as World Natural Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1986, is also mysterious, where thousands of wonderful trees, birds, and animals are abundant and easily seen.


The Cuzco (Cusco) region of Peru combines Inca legacy with Spanish colonial architecture in an atmosphere at once provincial and sublime. The chaotic marketplaces where campesinos barter grain or potatoes for multi-colored fabric belie the mute spirituality of the Lost Cities, where Inca stonework conveys order and balance. Such diversity enhances this inspiring nine-day adventure. The blue sky radiates with an intensity achieved only at high altitudes (the city of Cuzco lies 11,150 feet above sea level), while the landscape offers its unique pattern of exacting agricultural grids and tangled jungle masses.

Ilha Grande

This island off the southern coast offers the best of tropical Brazil in one compact area (300 km sq). Ilha Grande offers more than a hundred pristine beaches, a extensive network of hiking trails through its lush interior rainforest, and rumors of buried pirate treasure. Especially recommended is the trek to the ghost town of Praia da Parnaioca, once a fishing village.


The entire city of Parati (Paraty) is considered a national monument as it was deemed by UNESCO to be one of the world’s most illustrious examples of Portuguese colonial architecture. A virtual museum within a tropical paradise, it is located southeast of Rio de Janeiro. The streets are lined with beautifully whitewashed buildings and many have colorfully painted trim. Motorized vehicles are forbidden on the majority of the narrow, cobblestone streets, so you can wander freely, absorbed in the tranquility and meticulously preserved architecture. Highlights of this quaint city include numerous churches, in particular the Portuguese Baroque-style Church of Santa Rita, built around 1720. Once all of the city’s beauty is explored, take some time out for a leisurely stroll along the shore or dine at any of the waterfront restaurants serving locally caught fish. There are also several shops in the historic area catering to local artisans and merchants.

San Pedro de Atacama

The charming village of San Pedro de Atacama, located at 2,450 meters above sea level, is one of the places in Chile which offers the widest number of attractions. The village is located in one of the many oases originated by the ‘Bolivian winter’, in the driest desert of the world: the Atacama Desert - an incredible place with exuberating vegetation. In the plains, covered by a green color that seems to come from more rainy areas, agriculture is practiced from ancient times, maintaining the same cultivation methods used thousands of years ago. The native inhabitants thank nature for this miracle through different religious festivities and ceremonies, mixing Catholicism and ancient beliefs into one of the most characteristic cultural manifestations of northern Chile. Walking around the farming lands and watching the traditional design houses, built in adobe, makes visitors feel transported into another age.

Trujillo (Salaverry), Peru

The essence of Trujillo. Trujillo, Peru - Peru's most important northern city, is summed up each year during the floral Spring Festival. Barefoot women wearing white lace skirts and blouses, with ornate gold filigree ornaments dangling from their earlobes, spin and whirl through the streets in the traditional marinera dance. Charming, simple, formal and delicate - all are characteristics of this coastal city, making it the perfect spot to explore Peru's gentle but fiercely patriotic north. Trujillo is also noted for its colorful colonial architecture, with building painted in bright blues, yellows, reds and oranges. A circular street called Espana encloses the center of town, and most of the fascinating city sites are within this ring. Trujillo is an excellent place to sample ceviche ( a mixture of raw fishes marinated in a lime juice marinade) and other local seafood. On the fringe of Trujillo are the ruins of Chan Chan, possible the world's largest adobe city that was, at one time, home to the Chimu Indian tribe. Nearby Huanchaco Beach is a great spot for surfers, and an outgoing, friendly fishing village. The fisherman still utilize the handmade totora reed boats, called caballitos (little horses) because of the way they are ridden: riders do not sit on the boats, but straddle them on their knees. The design of these curved, peapod-shaped boats has changed little from the craft used by pre-Inca fishing tribes. Further north is Piura, Peru, a hot commercial city best known for its folk dance, the tondero, and the black magic practiced by the descendents of black slaves. The tondero is a lively, barefoot Afro-Peruvian dance accompanied by strong rhythmic music and dancers in multicolored outfids. Many Lima business executives travel to this region every year to consult with the area's brujos - witches, folk healers and fortune tellers.

Colonia del Sacramento

Facing Buenos Aires across the broad Rio de la Plata you find one of Uruguay’s oldest and most picturesque cities. Recently declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Old City with its charming streets is one of South America’s jewels that should be on the list of all visitors to the region. Founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, the city was fought over for nearly a century by Spain and Portugal due to its strategic location as a commercial port. Today, the past can still be felt and seen in the city’s cobblestone streets and stone houses. Colonia complements its historical value with natural beauty and miles of fine sand river beaches.


Puno lies on the shores of Lake Titicaca. This area is the cradle of the Aymara civilization and the birthplace of the Inca Empire.


No information currently available.

Colca Canyon

Deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA, Colca Canyon is a colorful Andean valley with pre-Incan roots founded by the Spaniards in the 1530s. It's claimed to be the biggest and deepest canyon in the world making it impossible to see the bottom of the valley. Inhabitants of the valley welcome guests with a range of cultural, adventurous sports, and archaeological activities.


Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ecuador that boasts old world charm, cobblestone streets and stunning colonial architecture, despite also being the third largest city in Ecuador. This Andean city offers a pleasant climate, colonial plazas, many museums, old-world cathedrals and churches, excellent international food and an exciting nightlife for a range of interests.

Lake Titicaca (Peruvian Coast)

No information currently available.


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No information currently available.


Salta is situated in the Lerma Valley on the northwestern part of Argentina. The town was founded in 1582 by a Spanish explorer named Hernando de Lerma. The weather in Salta is mainly classified as subtropical with warm and comfortable conditions. There is so much to see and experience in the city, enjoy a day visiting some of the museums in the area, partake in outdoor activities or take a tour of the most amazing architectural buildings and cathedrals in Salta.


In an isolated corner of southwestern Bolivia sits the desert-like landscape of Uyuni. It was founded in 1889 by Bolivian president Anicento Arce who operates a military base outside of the town. Uyuni's economy has blossomed from the many visits to the world's largest salt flats.

La Paz, Bolivia

Built in the canyon created by the Choqueyapu River, La Paz is the seat of the Bolivian government as well as one most important cultural centers in the country. Travelers to La Paz should make sure to visit one of the surviving colonial cathedrals such as the San Francisco and Metropolitan Cathedrals. The city is also home to a plethora of museums including Museo Nacional de Arqueología (National Museum of Archeology), Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) as well as the Pedro Domingo Murillo house museum. Plan a trip at the beginning of the year to experience Alasita, a 3-week long fair praising Ekeko, the Andean god of abundance.


No information currently available.


Baños (Banos de Agua Santa) is a premier destination in the central highlands of Ecuador in Tungurahua Province. Relax in the thermal springs, revel in the views of the waterfalls and Volcán Tungurahua, boat or bike to the Amazon basin, hike through the gorges and lush rain forests. There's something for everyone to enjoy in Banos.


Nazca (Nasca) is located on the coast of southern Peru, and is the largest town in the Nazca Province. It is most famous for the Nazca Lines, the desert line drawings only visible from high elevations. Nazca is also famous for its complicated system of aqueducts, used to irrigate farmland as well as for home use, that are still functioning today.


No information currently available.


Mancora is a seaside town in northwester Peru with a reputation for all day fun at the beach and a sizzling nightlife. Beautiful beaches, balmy turquoise waters less crowded than other surfing hot spots, and plenty of places to try for fantastic food and drink.

Inca Trail

No information currently available.

Uyuni Salt Flats

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